From the COS Creation Care Team:

Summer is nearly here! And that means camping season is upon us. This week’s sustainability tip is about how to camp and spend time outdoors in a more sustainable and eco-friendly way.

1. Eliminate plastic waste with food packaging. Camping meals are incredibly convenient, but they often come wrapped in an overabundance of plastic. An alternative option is to pack your own meals and take them in reusable bags and containers.

2. Using toxic free products. Sunscreen, soap, and mosquito repellents are necessary to bring on any camping trip, but they often contain ingredients that are toxic to the body and the environment. Many sunscreens use oxybenzone as a product to filter UV rays, it’s been discovered that this ingredient is harmful to our waterways and is even banned in some states. Try finding a product without this chemical in it. Body and dish soap also contain harmful detergents. A brand like Dr. Bronners is a safe alternative.

3. Last but not least, leave no trace! Whatever you pack in, be sure to pack out.

Be sure to enjoy and respect God’s beautiful creation this summer!