Another earth-friendly habit to think about this week.

Have you ever considered how much plastic is wasted because of shampoo and conditioner? A great way to reduce this waste is by switching to shampoo and conditioner bars. No plastic is used in the packaging and there are several different bars to fit the needs of each individual because obviously, we all have different hair needs. They are simple to use and look just like a bar of soap. Wet your hair, apply the bar directly to your scalp and massage gently, lather, and rinse as you normally would. 

There are several different places where these can be purchased. Harvest Health Foods on Eastern Ave here in Grand Rapids has very affordable options. Some other places to consider are Life Without Plastic and Zefiro (both of which offer a wide variety of plastic-free products) these can be purchased online and shipped right to your door. Lush also has several of these available, and if ordering online is not your thing you can pick this up at Woodland Mall.