An Earth Friendly Habit to consider (From Nancy Mulder, member of the CCT’s Earth-Friendly Habits team:

Buying in bulk can keep lots of plastic from sitting in our landfills. Here are two great ways to do that. Visit Proprietary, a new local bulk food store at 620 Wealthy SE in Grand Rapids. It’s amazing!  Bring your own containers, jars or bags or whatever you want, and load them up. Yesterday I purchased split peas, coconut flakes, popcorn, and curry powder. You can also get many kinds of flour, beans, and nuts. They have a large selection, only dry goods so far.

Another place I’ve just heard about but haven’t tried yet is Country Life Foods ( They have an enormous inventory of foods that can be ordered online, many of which come in really big paper bags. You can even get flour and beans in 50 lb bags!