A FREE Drama Therapy Workshop for Christian Mothers on Healing our Sexual Narrative.

Why is there a disconnect with sexuality once initiated into motherhood? Many mothers can list off numerous factors, some include sleep deprivation, shame, or an unfamiliar postpartum body, yet the overbearing cultural stigmatization of a mother’s sexuality plays an influential role. Can Christian motherhood and vibrant sexuality co-exist? Kaile Videtich, a Grand Rapids native working to complete her Masters in Counseling Psychology with a concentrate in Drama Therapy, will facilitate a workshop using drama therapy and theatre techniques to reclaim our sexual nature and rewrite a new sexual narrative. We will deconstruct our current sexual messages and through action techniques will discover our voice to identify our new sexual storyline.

Participate in this powerful and meaningful workshop for FREE on July 21st from 12pm to 4pm at Church of the Servant (3835 Burton St SE, Grand Rapids, MI 49546). Space is limited, so register at tinyurl.com/christianmothers

*Contact Kaile if childcare is needed or you have any questions: 616-818-9007 or kailevidetich@gmail.com.