This morning came early. We had to be at breakfast at 5:45 in order to leave for white water rafting at 6 am. With the sleep still in our eyes, we made it off and arrived safely at Noah’s Ark White Water Rafting in Buena Vista. Our guides greeted us, gave us initial instructions about our day on the rapids, and fitted us with gear. They then organized us into boats and gave important information about the ride–Most important rule: “stay in the boat.”

To settle the nerves of any parent reading this, we can assure you that all campers strictly adhered to the most important rule. Despite the class 3 and 4 rapids doing everything they could to knock us out of the boat, we paddled through successfully. By the end of the ride, we heard many of our group say “that was my favorite activity by far.” And there was at least one exclamation of: “That was the most fun I’ve had in my entire life!”

The Noah’s Ark crew bussed us back to the launch area where we were treated to a barbecue lunch and a chance to visit the gift shop. We then loaded our vans full of our very tired youth and drove back to camp where we enjoyed a couple hours of free time (spent biking, hiking, playing horseshoes, and finishing up our crafts) before dinner at 6 pm.

We spent our time after dinner with more free time and evening chapel. Our speaker, Scott Davis, walked us through an exercise of quieting ourselves and making room to hear God speak to us. He also led us in a prayer of healing in our lives before we dispersed for small groups and the conclusion of our evening.

Tomorrow is our last day of Colorado Challenge. Please pray for continued safety and blessing as we conclude an exceptionally full week in the mountains.


The drive to Buena Vista was particularly beautiful

White water rafting. We had fun guides, amazing scenery, and a whole lot of fun

Churros at dinner

Free time to play and bond with each other