It seems as if we have all successfully rested following yesterday’s fullness of activity. Our morning started with breakfast followed by some impromptu volley ball, basketball, and crafts. Many of our group enjoyed making tie-dye shirts and eagerly await them being dry enough to wear tomorrow. After a morning of fun and games, we ate a quick lunch and loaded the vans to head to Pikes Peak.

The drive up the mountain is about 20 miles and takes nearly an hour. It’s full of twists and steep ledges, but our drivers handled the road beautifully. Nearly every turn in the road provided another view of the area that inspired exclamations of the beauty of God’s creation from our campers. Once we summited the 14,115 foot mountain, we were able to explore the peak, take lots of pictures, grab some high-altitude donuts, and make the necessary visit to the gift shop. It was a beautiful place to spend the afternoon.

Our drive down went well. We kept our vans in low gear and descended slowly, revisiting each twist and turn from before. Once down, and on our way back to camp, we felt an urgent need for ice cream. We decided frozen yogurt would hit the spot just as well. We stopped at Rainbow Twist in Woodland Park before arriving at camp just in time for dinner–sometimes it’s nice to start with dessert.

We met for our nightly worship shortly after dinner. We sang songs and listened to another talk by this week’s speaker, Scott Davis. He encouraged us to think about what it really means to follow Jesus and the importance (and difficulty) of dropping our illusions of control. After worship we dispersed for small groups and devotional time. Tonight will likely be an earlier night as we have to leave at 6 am for white water rafting. We hope all our families in Grand Rapids pray for us as we battle the rapids of Colorado. Check back here tomorrow night to hear all about our adventures.


Some free time in the morning for volleyball and crafts and games

The safe drive up and down Pikes Peak

The view from the summit and the amazingness of creation

Stopping for frozen yogurt

Some of us squeezing in one more bike ride before it got too dark

Great discussions happening in the vans, in our rooms, on walks, at dinner