The organization we are working with is called R3SM: Recover, Rebuild, Restore Southwest Mississippi. The organization’s stated mission is to help the Pine Belt’s most vulnerable Recover from natural disasters, economic crisis, and chronic poverty to assist them in their effort to Rebuild their homes, communities, and lives and to help Restore financial stability, dignity, and hope.

In last night’s devotion time, Pastor Andrew encouraged us to take time out of our work day to pray for the families who will live in these homes we are helping to build. For some of us in our prayers, we thought about the three R’s from the organization’s name and how they fit with last night’s reading from Isaiah 58: “you will be called Repairer of Broken Walls, Restorer of Streets with Dwellings.” We pray that we can continue to help others recover, rebuild, and restore stability, dignity, and hope.

Our work today involved flooring. After finishing up with painting, we began laying down foam pads and putting together the tongue-and-groove panels. Our group was excited; for many, this was a new skill to learn. The heat has continued to keep our pace slower than we’d like, but the slightly earlier start this morning helped us accomplish a great deal.

After dinner, our devotions included songs from members of the Grand Rapids Christian High School Gospel Choir. We also shared with each other some of our favorite Bible stories and verses. We closed in prayer before dispersing for the evening and eventually making our way to Ed’s Burgers for some milkshakes.

Tomorrow, we’re back at it!