Many of our crew spent the night on Soldier Mountain. The hike up was dark and grueling and most of us were winded and sweaty by the time we summited. We found a flat patch of land and got out our hammocks and sleeping bags. It was a cold night, but we made it through, eager to greet the dawn from 700 feet above Quaker Ridge Camp. In the morning, we packed up our gear and went to breakfast.

Breakfast was followed by a short chapel session, then our group split up for paintball and horseback riding (two separate activities, don’t worry).

The paintball crew had fun pitting team against team in a battle of the best. You can see people’s true colors come out when you give them a paintball gun and a mission. Our activities also included horseback riding, a high ropes course (with zip line), and a particularly exhausting mountain bike ride for some of the group. The phrase: “that was super fun!” was said and heard a lot today.

After a full morning and afternoon of activities, we made our way to dinner at The Frying Pan Café (the camp dining hall). Now we have some free time until worship at 8:00, which will be followed by some small group time and, if today’s activities are any indication, an early bed time.

Please check back tomorrow for more updates on our Colorado adventures.



Waking up together on the summit of a mountain

Going from one activity to another

The Zip Line!

Getting to dinner as soon as possible after our long, strenuous bike ride