We began our day with breakfast and song as we waited for our crew leaders to arrive around 7 and give us our plans for the day. Around 7:30 am, we were met by Chris, Frances, and Daryl who split us into two groups and assigned to two different worksites.

The homes we are working on this week are newly constructed buildings to replace homes that had been lost to tornadoes in 2017. Volunteers like us have led the entire construction process. Our jobs today were to prime the walls and paint the ceilings. It was hot, dirty work, but good work nonetheless. Everyone did a great job. A local news crew even showed up to one of the job sites for a story on the work being done. Members of our team gave interviews, and all of us look forward to seeing ourselves on the 9 pm local news.

After working through the morning, our two crews came together for lunch before returning to our sites to finish up work for the day. We were delighted to be joined by Pastor Andrew Mead, who came ready and eager to help work.

The evening gave us time to shower, rest, and enjoy each other’s company. Members of our team prepared dinner, which allowed the rest of us to enjoy games, reading, a puzzle, frisbee, and a run to the store.

Now that dinner is wrapped up, the group is continuing to enjoy the peaceful night, eager to catch a glimpse of ourselves on the local news.