Wake up in Nebraska, go to sleep in Colorado.

This morning we awoke in Kearney, NE and eagerly devoured our hotel breakfasts. Afterward we loaded the vans and took off at 8:41 (only 11 minutes behind schedule, not bad for COS).

The remaining several hours were a series of games in the van, resting, and focusing our gaze on the horizon for the first glimpse of the Front Range of the Rocky Mountains. A little after noon, mountain time, we got that glimpse. With every mile, the hazy outline of the mountains took on a clearer shape, as did the scope of the adventures that await us this week.

Following a brief lunch in Aurora, Colorado, we began the drive down south, through Colorado Springs and into Woodland Park. After a few twists and turns through the wooded mountain pass, we finally made it to Quaker Ridge Camp!

After finding and settling into our rooms, all the leaders from the various churches met to go over the details of the week and pray together for a great faith adventure for all the students. The entire camp convened at 6 for dinner and then met at 7 for ice-breaker games and some free time before worship at 8. During worship we all sang together and listened as speaker Scott Davis encouraged us to think about the fact the same the same God who created the universe, in whom all was made, also takes residence in us. He asked that we think about how such a big God is also a very personal God, one we know through the Son, Jesus Christ.

We’re all pretty tired here in Colorado, but that’s not stopping us from enjoying some great time together and getting ready to start the day off early with rappelling and rock climbing.

Please continue to pray for us on this faith adventure



More van games and more prizes.

The cheers when we saw the Welcome to colorful Colorado sign

That first glimpse of the mountains

Honestly, every view of the mountains after that point.

Finally making it to the camp.

Getting to explore the grounds and learn more clearly what’s in store for us this week.