We began our trip bright and early this morning at COS. We chose our seats in the vans and then gathered in a circle for prayer. Afterward we loaded up the vans–right before it started to pour.

The drive went well, with most students sleeping through the morning, then waking up for music and games and bonding in the van for our 12-hour first leg.

We stopped for lunch at noon in Iowa where we had a “decorate the van” contest. Both vans did so well with their decorations, it seemed like a shame to pick only one winner. We were so proud of our designs we had a get a group photo in the parking lot. As you can see, timing a jump-shot with 26 people isn’t the easiest task.

Finally, we made it to Kearney, Nebraska. There we checked in to our hotel and dispersed for dinner. We even got a spectacular after-dinner show in the form of some beautiful sky. Now it’s time for us to wind down, get some rest, and prepare for another day of driving and the start of Colorado Challenge.

Thank you for your continued prayers!




The coolers full of great snacks!

Rotating who has to sit in the cramped way-back seat of the church van

In-van games to determine song-choosing rights and special prizes

The looks from passersby as they try to read our van decorations

The scintillating scenery of Iowa and Nebraska ; )

Crossing over the Mighty Mississippi

The kind of bonding that can only happen after 12 hours in a church van through America’s heartland

The spectacular Nebraska sky