We’re more efficient packers than we gave ourselves credit for! After beginning to fill up our trailer, we decided to try fitting everything in the van. Thanks to the guidance and muscle of John Cheeney (father of Jamie Cheeney) and the tetris-like skills of our youth and leaders, we were able to fill up the vans instead. This means we no longer need to drag a trailer out to Colorado, saving us some money and (potential) headaches.

A big thank-you goes to our youth, leaders, and parents for sweating in the Michigan humidity while we loaded and unloaded our trailer this afternoon. We hope all the participants are able to rest well tonight in preparation for our 6 am start tomorrow morning. We will gather at COS for last-minute loading, a time of prayer, and then we’ll be on our way.

COS family and friends: thank you for keeping this group in your prayers this week. Please continue to pray for safe travels, good spirits, and hearts made receptive to God’s call in our lives.