You may remember that several weeks ago, we announced a fundraiser for the COS Creation Care Team. We are seeking to raise $5,000 by registering 200 Consumers Energy Electricity customers for a FREE Home Energy Analysis (HEA). We are currently at between 70 and 90 registrations!  That means we have already raised at least $500.  If a few more register and receive the analysis, it would move us to the $2,000 level! 

Your participation is a win for the CCT, but also for you.  At no cost to you, you will receive an analysis of your electricity usage which includes suggestions for reducing your greenhouse gas emissions and lowering your monthly bill, along with information on available rebates.  You will also receive free LED light bulbs, night lights, an energy-saving power strip, and potentially a Nest programmable thermostat. And, of course, it’s a win for God’s Creation as we collectively reduce our GHG emissions. 

Many COS members and friends have had a positive experience with this program.  Click here for a short video on Tom and Janice McWhertor’s experience. 

If you get your electricity from Consumers Energy and you have not participated in an analysis from them in the past 2 years, you are qualified to participate.  You can participate in one of two ways: In-person or virtual.  In-person is the simplest, but it means a CE representative will visit your home.  The virtual method requires that you complete a short survey and talk to a technician on the phone.  Currently, only the virtual HEA is available, but CE hopes to make the in-person available again after 1/12. 

You can register online or via the phone.  Either way, be sure to include our code (COS2020), so that Church of the Servant gets credit: 


Thanks for considering supporting the Creation Care Team in this way. We must complete our registrations this month, so please register as soon as possible. PLEASE let me (Steve Mulder) know if you have questions or concerns.