The following is a report from the refugium subteam of the Creation Care Team.

COS owns 14.1 acres of land at our Burton St. Location. About 5 acres of that are occupied by our building and parking lots, leaving 9.1 acres. So, how should COS best use this land?
In a recent survey, the Creation Care Team asked the congregation what values we should emphasize as we plan the use of this land, that is, we should clarify what is important to us. The survey included several options often cited in conversations at COS; it also invited respondents to add their own ideas. The value affirmed most often was “Environmental Leadership” (selected by 45% of respondents). Other values that received the support of 25% or more of respondents include:

· Native plants (41%)
· Ease of maintenance (33%)
· Spiritual space/prayer paths (32%)
· Bird sanctuary (29%)
· Wildlife and plant conservation (29%)
· Pollinator sanctuary (29%)
· Hospitality (28%)
· Watershed purification (25%)

We invite you to read the pdf linked below which contains information from the refugium subtext as well as a summary of the results is in the Appendix.