On Sunday May 3, we will continue to worship in homes, individually, but still as one body. This week Pastor Karen will bring us a message entitled: “Praying God’s Justice,” based on the scriptures of Psalm 110 & Hebrews 5:1-10.

Each week we will add a new post that includes a house church liturgy, messages from the pastors, resources for leaders, and media to accompany worship together. To access, go to https://www.churchoftheservantcrc.org/category/housechurch/
Join in one of these wonderful opportunities to participate in worship activities with other COS members.

Middle School: WNZoom meetings will be continuing FOREVER. … Or at least until we can see each other in person. So, mark your calendars for WNZoom meetings every Wednesday at 6:45pm for the month of May and probably even through June. Here is the Zoom link we will continue to use every week: https://us04web.zoom.us/j/71796320218?pwd=L3ZLVmNIZFB1Nkpxcnd5WlJDeVg0UT09

High School: What will we learn at our Zoom meeting this week?! Some of our HS students are really racking up the Starbucks and Krispy Kreme gift cards! Join us this Sunday, May 3 at 11:30am for our HS Zoom meeting for your chance to earn a sweet reward while connecting with other students from COS. Each week for the month of May we will feature 2 high school seniors to share a few thoughts with us during our Zoom meetings. Be sure to tune in to hear the plans of your church friends before they move on to the next leg of their journey!
Join our 11:30am Zoom meeting this Sunday by clicking on this link:

Church News
New Elders and Deacons: In a few months, our congregation will need to elect new elders and deacons to begin service in September. In these serious times, we need thoughtful and dedicated leaders from across our congregation. If you would like to serve, or if you know someone you believe would be qualified, the council invites you to submit a nomination: nomination form is available here.

Financial Update – Last week’s offering and online giving: $20,578. Total Giving as of 04/28/20: $125,113. Our monthly General Fund budget is $119,028.

Face Masks from China – Last week Wednesday, COS received 200 face masks from Pastor John Chen’s CRC house church ministry in China called Resonate Compassion Ministry. Pastor John is an ordained pastor in the CRC and in Classis GR East. A few other CRCs in Classis GR East have received these masks too. The Resonate Compassion Ministry was formed to respond to the Corona virus Pandemic. Heartfelt thanks to our Chinese brothers and sisters in Christ! What a wonderful gesture of love and compassion from churches in the East helping the churches in the West! COS would like to make these masks available to our members and neighbors who do not have a face mask. Please email Jay at jay.deman@coscrc.org if you need a mask. He can arrange a pickup at church (preferably on Wednesdays) or arrange a drop off to your home, if needed.

Laptop computers needed – Some of our COS students need laptops for their schoolwork and for zoom meetings with our youth groups. It is so important for our students to stay connected with our church family. Computers 8 years old or newer can be set up as a Chromebook for a student. If you have an older laptop and would like to donate it to the church, please contact Jay at jay.deman@coscrc.org to arrange for a drop off at church, preferably on Wednesdays. Thank you so much!

Recycling option for paper — Currently the Kent County recycling center is closed due to Covid 19 and will stay closed until further notice. In the meantime, people can still separate out their paper products, cereal type boxes and corrugated cardboard.
• You can bring paper and non-corrugated boxes to the Paper Gator bin at COS
• Put corrugated boxes in the bin inside the shed.
Both are on the west side of the campus.

New phone system at Church of the Servant – We are happy to announce that a new phone system has been installed at church, replacing the decades-old phone system. The new phones will allow the staff to remain connected to callers or voicemail, even though we are not in the building right now.

If you call the church phone at 956-7611, you may leave a message in the general message box. If you are trying to reach a specific staff person, you should hear a recording with a list of staff extensions.
For your convenience they are also listed here:
Karen Campbell – 21, Troy Bierma – 22, Jay DeMan – 36, Annette Ediger – 23
Dave Hartwell – 35, Jolanda Howe – 34, Diane Jonker – 20, Andrew Mead – 24
Maria Stapert – 26, Lori Wiersma – 25, Maria Van Leeuwen – 28, AJ Zahrt – 29

Rain Garden News from the COS Creation Care Team – Read the article in your virtual church mailbox through the link below:

Registration is still open for the June 5-6, Understanding Racism Workshop. A two-day workshop from 8:30-5pm each day, this workshop experience is designed to explore the deep racial complexity of the United States and to begin to explore paths for restoration. Register online at CORRnow.org.