This Sunday:

This Sunday, August 22, in indoor worship at COS, Rev. Karen Campbell will preach from 2 Samuel 22 in the standard English service. Rev. Andrew Mead will preach from 2 Samuel 22 in the Basic English Service in Room 5.

We invite you to sign up to attend the morning service. Please note on the sign up that masking is now required for those over 2 years old. The 10 am service will also be live via Zoom. Sign up for our Newsletter to receive the Zoom links.

Following worship this Sunday we will hold a brief congregational meeting to vote on the 2021-2022 Budget and slate of new Elders and Deacons. Those unable to attend are welcome to vote by online absentee ballot here. We also invite High School students to stick around after worship today for an end-of-summer cookout!

Read the bios of our new council nominees here

Children’s Ministries:

Note to parents of young children: for the month of August, we will not be offering programming for our 3–7-year-olds during our worship services. Children are welcome to worship here with all of us.  Their energy and wiggles are a gift from God and having them in this space reminds us that God is faithful from one generation to the next.  Please be sure to use the worship crafts and doodle boards located in the back of the worship space if those are helpful for your child. And even though the thought of sitting near the front with young children can be terrifying, consider moving closer to the front of the worship space so your child can see what is happening and learn more about worship.

Church News:

Financial Update: Last week’s offering and online giving: $13431.78

Current Giving for the month of August: $51,442.15

Monthly budgeted General Fund Giving is:  $112,926

A question was raised during last Sunday’s congregational meeting regarding when the COS mortgage is complete. That will be complete in March, 2023

COS: Welcome pack items for Bundu Family. We will be WELCOMING ALUSINE BUNDU’S FAMILY to Grand Rapids. Alusine is the Superintendent of the Kabala Christian School in northern Sierra Leone. They will be living on Rowland St., next door to COS. Alusine and his wife, Mariama, have 4 children, Alusine—14, Amadu—10 (boys), Princess—12, Mariama—9 (girls). They are expected to arrive in early September. They will be needing many household items.  We can help them set up their household by signing the “WELCOME PACK ITEMS” sheet on a table in the cafe area. Please sign up today and bring items by next Sunday, August 29. If you have questions or would like to be on the welcome team, contact Mary Loeks. Thank You!

Have extra shoes or clothing items that need a good home?  Bring them to COS this Sunday, Aug. 22!  Some of our high school and middle school students from refugee families could use more shoes, coats, dresses, and socks.  If you have some of these items that are in good condition, bring them to the Youth Room at COS this Sunday.  Thank you!  Questions? Contact Annette (

Housing – You’re likely aware of the tight housing market in Grand Rapids. This especially impacts families who rent, as prices continue to climb. A number of families in COS are in search of apartments and homes to rent. Do you own rental property or know of someone who does that may have a place available soon? Please contact Pastor Andrew (

In an effort to encourage Psalm-singing, Church of the Servant invites congregational songwriters to submit a Psalm-based song to its 2021 COS New Psalm Contest. The first place winner will receive a $500 award; the second place winner will receive a $200 award. There is no entry fee and the contest is open to all. Submissions must be emailed or postmarked by October 1, 2021. The winning songs will be premiered in worship on February 6, 2022. Learn more here.

Friendship ESL at COS opens on Tuesday morning, September 14. Classes for all levels. Church Covid protocols assiduously observed. Lots of love and language to share with our guests.  Invite your neighbor who needs a step-up on English. Want to help in this important COS outreach? Our ESL library has all you need to become a rock-star tutor and friend.  

Social Seniors meet every Tuesday morning from 10:00 to 11:00. Designed to provide opportunity for church family camaraderie, Social Seniors is open to anyone who would like to attend, regardless of age. We seek to be spiritually encouraged and to provide opportunities for sharing, humor, expression of our sorrows and joys, and prayer for one another and our church. The Zoom link below will work for every Tuesday. 

Topic: Social Seniors

Time:  10:00 – 11:00 AM

Meeting ID: 832 6366 9013

Passcode: COS  

You can also join by telephone: 1 312 626 6799. When prompted, enter the meeting ID plus #, and then when asked for your participant ID, merely enter #, and you will be connected to the group.

Surpassed our goal! A huge thank you to all who participated in our Blood Drive on August 2. We registered 32 donors, including one first-time donor! We collected 24 pints of blood, surpassing our goal of 22. Congratulations to Kathy Harris, who reached the 8-gallon milestone! We are ever so grateful for each of you, and your gift of life! –Ruth Huisman & Beth Karanicola.

Fabric and Fellowship:  Join a group that likes to sew and enjoy a time of fellowship.  Our next meeting is August 30th from 10am to 2pm in room 5 of COS.  We have a stash of fabric that we are using up in quilts for ministry organizations.  You can bring your machine or come to design, cut pieces or iron for others.  Also bring your lunch.  Coffee will be available.

As we continue in-person, indoor services, we invite more people to serve as Sunday morning scripture readers. If you would like to read scripture during a morning worship service, please sign up here.

It is time to begin thinking about 2022 giving envelopes. We ask that you fill out a form which you can find in your COS mailbox (or use this online form) if you would like to continue/begin receiving giving envelopes in 2022. Please plan to mail the form to COS or drop off to COS office by September 20th. If you have any questions, please contact Angelica Zahrt, Treasurer by email or by phone 616-956-7611 ext 29.

A mini van or larger passenger van is needed for our growing group of new American children and families who are picked up for church and other youth activities. If you would consider retiring your current minivan or letting COS use it regularly, COS volunteer drivers would greatly appreciate it.

Please contact Jon Bruss, our transportation coordinator. Thank you!

PLEASE recall that Church of the Servant is a member of the Grand Rapids Climate Resolution Coalition, a kaleidoscope of local groups who have come together for the purpose of ensuring a carbon neutral Grand Rapids by 2030 through the passage and successful implementation of a Climate Resolution by the Grand Rapids City Commission.  See more information about the Grand Rapids Climate Resolution Coalition –and the Resolution itself at the following link: This coalition’s resolution, “Declaring a Climate Emergency: A Better Future Starts Now” declares that we are facing a climate emergency, and it commits the city government of Grand Rapids to take bold actions to ensure carbon neutrality and climate justice in Grand Rapids. Individuals and organizations can now sign on in support of this visionary resolution.

There are now YARD-SIGNS AVAILABLE between the East Entry doors, do take one and make it visible in your neighborhood …we can get more once the current supply are in our yards.

Even if you don’t live in Grand Rapids city limits, because this affects all of us, please consider individually signing on in support of this resolution, sharing it with your own friends and networks, and placing yard signs in high-traffic areas.