There are three congregational meetings planned for December:

The first meeting on December 6, between the morning worship services, will introduce the 2010 church budget.  This budget has been approved by the Council, and is recommended to the congregation.  Council has again recommended a zero-increase overall in our expenses.  A summary of the budget was placed in all member mailboxes, and copies of the detailed (line-by-line) budget are available in the literature racks by the mailboxes in the sanctuary.  Voting will take place on Sunday, December 20.  Absentee ballots are available in the cafe.

The second meeting is to present the proposed re-structuring of governance at Church of the Servant.  That will be on Sunday, December 13, between the morning worship services.  No vote will be taken here; it is an informational meeting.

The third congregational meeting is scheduled for Sunday, December 20.  In this short meeting, members will vote on the proposed 2010 church budget.  It is a simple yes or no vote.  The voting will take place immediately following each of the two morning worship services.  Absentee ballots must be returned to the church office or the ballot box no later than 11AM on Sunday, December 20.