As part of the Next Steps Task Force education opportunities on human sexuality, we are offering a viewing and follow-up discussion of four video presentations by James V. Brownson. Each presentation is based on Brownson’s book Bible, Gender and Sexuality: Reframing the Church’s Debate on Same-Sex Relationships (2013, Eerdmans) written when Brownson was a professor of New Testament at Western Theological Seminary. Brownson retired in 2021, after 32 years of exploring his lifetime question: “What is the gospel and how does it address and transform our lives?”

In the book, Brownson is interested in offering biblical hermeneutic support from a Reformed perspective on human sexuality. Brownson analyzes the pertinent biblical texts and explores key concepts that inform our understanding of the biblical texts. He develops a broad, cross-cultural sexual ethic from scripture.

Brownson’s book explores a more affirming stance. Please note that by using Brownson’s work as a discussion tool, it does not mean that COS has adopted this position or has rejected the Human Sexuality Report (HSR) as a teaching tool. COS devoted six months during the Challenging Conversations process for the congregation to study and discuss the HSR. The choice to use Brownson’s work was in response to requests from the congregation to explore a broader range of Reformed theology than that presented in the HSR. The intent is to help with our discussions and discernment about how COS should respond to the decisions of Synod 2022.


You will view each of these YouTube videos on your own before the discussions. They are about 45 minutes long. Follow-up group discussions will be held on Zoom at 7 pm.

Reading the book is not necessary for participating, but watching the video before each discussion is required.


If you cannot participate in all four discussions, please join as you can.

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