Creation Care Team

Following the 2012 Synod’s mandate, the Climate Witness Project (CWP) equips individual congregations to do climate change mitigation work in 4 areas:

  1. Energy Stewardship (reducing the congregation’s use of fossil fuels)
  2. Worship (healing our relationship with creation through liturgy, song, scripture and preaching)
  3. Education (learning about climate change through book studies, films, discussions, and speakers)
  4. Advocacy (impacting public policy at the local, regional, and national levels)

If you are interested in becoming a CWP Partner, visit:  

In 2016, Church of the Servant became a CWP congregation. We launched COS Creation Care Team (CCT). Following the CWP Model, our work is accomplished through 3 work teams:

  1. Energy Stewardship (We work to make COS a greener place, reducing our carbon footprint, both inside the building and on our grounds).
  2. Worship and Education (We provide educational programs and curricula and seek to increase creation care celebration and inspiration in our worship)
  3. Advocacy (We partner with other CWP congregations in the area, along with advocacy groups to identify local and state-wide advocacy concerns and seek to mobilize around them.)

The CCT meets every other month. The workgroups share their progress. We celebrate our successes and encourage each other in our challenges. We would love to have you join us in this critical work! Email:  

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