Are you familiar with CALL?

The Calvin Academy for Lifelong Learning (CALL) is a Learning in Retirement Institute. With the cooperation of the Elderhostel Network, Calvin College has established this program for persons 50 years of age or older who live within commuting distance of the college. CALL’s purposes are to enrich the lifelong spiritual, intellectual, cultural, and social lives of its members, and second, to create an abiding partnership between Calvin College and senior citizens in Greater Grand Rapids who wish to share knowledge, talents, and experience.

There are numerous courses starting soon that might appeal to members of Church of The Servant–several of which are led by some of our members and friends. Some of these courses include: Mozart to Mahler: From Enlightenment Hope to Romantic Despair, taught by Cal Stapert. And Worship Essentials: A Pew Sitter’s Guide, taught by Greg Scheer. Visit the Calvin website if you’d like to learn more about CALL and check out the Fall Curriculum Guide for more information. But hurry, sign-ups run until this Friday, September 1.