I must admit that I’m a song maven. When I like a song, I feel compelled to let everyone know. So when Psalm 131 came up in the lectionary last week and I saw Bruce Benedict’s setting in my files with an A marked in the upper left corner in red, I knew we had to use it. And to use it, I needed to write parts for choir and piano.

Bruce–who you may remember from his very excellent “Come Holy Ghost“–was very gracious in entertaining my editorial questions, and I hope our collaboration allows the song to be used even more widely than it already is. It deserves to be heard not only because it’s a great tune, but because the song helps us grasp the humility and trust that are themes of Psalm 131.

This maven was very pleased that the choir fell in love with the song right away and the congregation picked it up quickly. Now it’s your turn. Here’s a PDF of the SATB/Piano score and an MP3 from the service.