by Eddie S. Glaude, Jr.

We live, according to Edie S. Glaude Jr., (who is a professor of African American Studies at Princeton), in the after times, when the promise of Black Lives Matter and the attempt to achieve a new America have been challenged by the election of Donald Trump and all that follows. Glaude helps us see yet another failure of America to face the lies it tell itself about
race. We have been here before. Glaude helps us look through the eyes of James Baldwin, in the after times of the civil rights movement of the 1960s, when a similar attempt to compel a national confrontation with the truth was answered with the many murders of civil rights leaders.

Through the story of James Baldwin, small bits of hope and guidance come through. But, more than that, digging more deeply into the heart and wounds of America, will hopefully, in the end, help us to call forth a better America. I highly recommend this book. (Janice McWhertor, COS-ARRT)

New York Times review from June 2020

Christian Century review from October 2020