GPS: In our Adult-Ed Sunday School (God’s People Seeking) on November 19, we’ll be discussing themes of gender in the film: Barbie. Debra Rienstra, Stacey Steen, Madeline Witvliet, and Annaka Ediger will provide their perspectives on the movie and facilitate a discussion about what this movie has to say about our culture’s views of gender and how we as Christians might respond.


In preparation for this discussion, we are hosting a COS screening of Barbie at Celebration Cinema North on Monday, November 13 at 6:30 pm.

There are a Limited number of tickets available at no cost to COS members and attenders. Reservations are required. Please call the COS office or see Jay Ediger on Sunday morning 11/12/23.


To make our time together more enriching, we have prepared some questions for you to ponder during and after the movie. These questions will help us explore the themes and messages found in the film.

During the film

  • Pay attention, during the movie, to your feelings. Note when you FEEL something and try to name what you feel. Can you explain why? Were you surprised about how you felt?
  • What are the messages about gender norms portrayed and satirized in the film?
  • Why is The Wizard of Oz showing at the theatre in Barbieland?
  • Why is Margot Robbie’s character called “stereotypical Barbie”?
  • Why is Barbie’s entrance into the real world so jarring for her? What do you think this was meant to represent?

After the film

  • What does the film try to convey about purpose in life? What are we made for?
  • What does Barbie’s decision at the end of the movie mean to you?
  • Why is America Ferrera’s character in the movie? What purpose does her character serve? How about her daughter?
  • Was the movie “fair” in its portrayal of gender? What does it mean for a movie to be fair?
  • Why did this film create such a big sensation?

About GPS at COS:

COS has a rich history of deep and meaningful adult education opportunities. Our Sunday Morning Adult Ed Sunday School has included times of story and testimony, theological discussions, lectures, and opportunities to share with each other about what God is doing in our lives.

GPS sessions have three stated goals:

  • Build community
  • Expand our view of God
  • Grapple with faith