I like to think that worship at Church of the Servant is always special, but last Sunday’s service was especially special. We premiered 2 new Psalm songs, welcomed dozens of international guests who stayed in town after the Calvin Worship Symposium, and capped the day off with a roast beef lunch. As the kids say: we go hard. Here are some musical highlights:

COS has enjoyed Bruce “Be Not Afraid” Benedict’s music many times in the past, so it was a real treat to have him lead the 2013 COS New Psalm Contest winning song “Psalm 113: Who Is Like the Lord Our God?” which he wrote with Wendell Kimbrough.

But wait! That wasn’t the only world premiere of the day. Kathy McGrath and Carol Browning’s “Psalm 139: Search Me, O God” was the other 2013 winner. They and the COS New Psalm Contest are featured in the current issue of the Banner.

Were those the only Psalm sung? Why no, there were also settings of Psalm 80 (O Faithful Shepherd, Diephouse/Scheer) and Psalm 23 (arr. Scheer):

The service was filled out by a new Epiphany liturgy that included “Brightest and Best of the Stars of the Morning” (offertory) and “Lord God, Now Let Your Servants Depart in Peace” (benediction):

Yes, but can COS sing hymns? Well, take a listen to “Praise the Lord! Sing Hallelujah” and judge for yourself:

And these were just the musical highlights. If you want to listen to Jack Roeda’s stellar sermon on Romans 11:11-36, click here: “The Olive Tree.”

I’m sorry. I don’t have a link to the roast beef lunch…