Click here to view the ‘Wish List’ of food that we still need (updated December 4).

Over the past several years, Church of the Servant has been providing boxes of food to needy families in our neighborhood during the holiday season. We begin by requesting a list of recipients from the central food pantries and relief agencies, and add names to these from our own contacts in the neighborhood. The people who receive these boxes are truly in need, and come from a truly diverse array of religious and ethnic backgrounds. This year we hope that members of our church will provide us with all the specific items on a wish-list. While this is a little different from how we’ve done it in previous years, we hope it will be more effective (feel free to provide us with feedback).

Another piece of news about this year’s Christmas Baskets is that we have been blessed with a partnership of 30 volunteers from Steelcase, who are excited about being able to come in for a couple of hours on the afternoon of Monday, December 8, to help us prepare the food for distribution into baskets (a few of the volunteers may even be able to help us deliver the baskets when they’re ready on Thursday, December 11).

BECOMING DISCIPLES: Of course, we’ll still need lots of help from members of COS. If you’re available at any time from December 10-14, to help with the following tasks, we hope you’ll sign up and let us know soon.

  • Volunteers are needed on December 10, at 7pm, to pack just the right quantity of each item into the 90 families’ food boxes (each family has different numbers of adults and children, from different ethnic backgrounds, and we try to provide them with appropriate amounts and types of food).
  • We will also need to deliver the baskets, beginning Thursday December 11.

MAKING DISCIPLES: Click here if you’re interested in reading a copy of the ‘good-news letter’ that goes along with the basket and signed Christmas cards.