The Worship Team (formerly worship committee) reports to council on matters of COS worship. At large members are voting members. Working group leaders lead various worship ministries of the church on a week-to-week basis. Meetings are open. If you have an item you’d like the Worship Team to consider, please contact Maria Poppen (

Worship Team Chair

  • Ron Rienstra

Council Liaison

  • Jeff Jackson

Ministry Staff

  • Interim Pastor:┬áLen Vander Zee
  • Interim Minister of Worship: Larry Figueroa
  • Music Assistant: Maria Poppen
  • Resident Pastor: Andrew Mead
  • Minister of Administration: Lori Wiersma

At Large Members (4-6 members)

  • Debra Rienstra (2016)
  • David Diephouse (2016)
  • Lois Nordling (2017)
  • Joel Klamer (2017)
  • Donna Spaan (2017)
  • Sepa Nashale (2017)

Working Group Leaders

  • Art: Matt Plescher
  • BES: Nola Galluch
  • Dance: Julie Yonkers
  • Liturgy: Len Vander Zee
  • Music: Coni Huisman
  • Pulpit Supply: Darlene Meyering

Updated 9/4/15