COS Treasurer Position

Our current treasurer for the past 5 years, Joann Beattie, will be retiring as of September 30, 2017. The Finance team is looking to hire a part-time Treasurer for 15-18 hours a week and to begin by mid-August. There is good job flexibility. We encourage those who are experienced in accounting (fund accounting preferred) and proficient in Excel and Quick books to apply. Please visit for a copy of the job description. Please email any questions, resume and cover letter by July 31, 2017, to the Minister of Administration:


Interim Preaching Pastor at Church of the Servant CRC

Church of the Servant in Grand Rapids, Michigan, is accepting applications for an interim preaching pastor. This interim position will become available beginning in September 2017. It may be divided into shorter terms with flexible start dates, allowing for those on sabbatical or in transition. The position will include weekly preaching, presiding over the Lord’s Table, and other tasks based on the candidate’s strengths. Cover letters, resumes, and dates of availability may be sent to Dan Voetberg at Thank you!